Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
BOOKS 1Book Rental Scheme 1st & 5th Years Book Rental Scheme for 1st and 5th Years 60.00
CONTRIBUTION 1Family Contribution 2018 - Pay in Full Please select this fee to pay Family Contribution in full. If you pay in full by 22 SEPTEMBER 2017, Allianz 24 Hour Insurance will be included. 85.00
CONTRIBUTION 2Family Contribution 2018 - Pay in 4 monthly instalments Please select this fee to pay Family Contribution in 4 automatic monthly instalments. 85.00
HE 1Home Economics Fee (2018) 1st, 3rd & 5th Years 15.00
HE 2Home Economics (2018) For 2nd Years Select this to pay for Home Economics Fees for 2nd years only. 20.00
INSURANCE 1Student 24 Hour Insurance Please select this fee if you did not pay the Family Contribution in full by 21 SEPTEMBER 2018 6.00
LOCKER 1Locker/Diary 2018 Locker and Diary for all students 15.00
PE 1PE T-Shirt - Age 10-11 20.00
PE 2PE Half Zip - Age 10-11 35.00
PE 3PE T-Shirt - Age 13-14 20.00
PE 4PE Half Zip - Age 13-14 35.00
PE 5PE T Shirt - Adult Sizes S-XL 25.00
PE 6PE Adult Half Zip Sizes S-XL 40.00
TY 2Hostess Cookery (2018) Details to follow 20.00
TY 3Cake Artistry TY 2018 Details to follow 15.00
TY 4Prodigy Module 2018 (Transition Year) Please pay by 15th SEPTEMBER 2017. You can choose to pay this fee in full or in 2 automatic monthly instalments. 45.00
TY 5TY Home Ec Fee 2018 10.00
YEAR5 8Higher Options Ticket 13th September 2018 Please select to pay for Higher Options Ticket 10.00
An administration fee per transaction of €1.25 applies.