Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
  3C Trip to Tanagh - Deposit Deposit for end of year class trip 50.00
  3C Trip to Tanagh - Final payment Second & final payment for 3C trip to Tanagh 100.00
  3C Trip to Tanagh - Full Amount - Single Payment Single Payment for 100% of 3C trip to Tanagh 150.00
  4th Class Petersburg Trip Balance 160.00
  4th Class trip to Petersburg OEC Non-refundable 35.00
  5&6 Class Achill Trip Balance 125.00
  5&6 Class Trip Deposit 50.00
  Afterschool art class ,supplement. 35.00
  Afterschool deposit 2019/2020 Deposit for afterschool 2018/19 250.00
  Afterschool drop in fee 2018/2019 Afterschool drop in 2018/2019 20.00
  Afterschool. Single non recurring payment . Please choose this option to pay a once off payment or for fees owed. Please choose the 10 month recurring payment option to pay fees for the current academic year. 0.00
  First Holy Communion for 2019 80.00
  Summer camp . aftercare please pay amount owed for aftercare or extra days. 0.00
  Summer camp 2019 Summer camp fees for one week . 150.00
An administration fee per transaction of €1.55 applies.