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  DOB Field Work Payment 164.00
  MSc Applied Environmental Geology BENCH FEE MSc Applied Environmental Geology bench fee 1000.00
  Non-residential Charge 26.00
AE 3013ZYEY Third Year Algarve 2021-22 ZYEY Third year field course to Algarve, Portugal - Tues 5th April 2022 to Tues 12th April 2022 250.00
AE 4012AE4012 Deposit for fieldtrip to the Burren 22/23 Deposit for fieldtrip to the Burren September 2022 100.00
AE 4012AE4012 Fieldtrip to Burren 2022 (Balance) AE4012 fieldtrip to Burren 2022 14th to 18th March. Balance of €180 due by 11th March 2022 180.00
ER 30052021/22 Earth Science - Dingle Trip Dingle Field Course Monday 11th April to Friday 15th April 2022 272.00
EV 200121/22 EV2001 Field Trips Field-trip days: Friday 25th of March – Marine Plastics Little Island Beach. Monday 28th March – Hydrological Assessment - Two Pot River. 25.00
EV 3014EV Third Year Portugal 2021-22 EV Third year field course to Portugal - Sat 3rd April 2022 to Sat 9th April 2022 458.00
EV 3014EV3014 Portugal Trip 2022 - IL 341.00
GL 1004GL1004 Clare Residential Field Trip 2022 GL1004 Residential Field Trip that is happening in three groups March / April 2022. Module Co-ordinator will assign you to your groups. 268.00
GL 201621/22 GL2016 - Dingle Field Trip Field-Trip Days Dingle 11th - 15th April 2022. This can be paid either in full or in 3 automated monthly instalmnets starting 01st February 2022. 264.00
GL 3004GL3004 Garretstown Field Trip to Garretstown on Wednesday 9th March bus leaves Distillery Fields at 11.00 am 18.00
GL 30072021/22 GL3007 Field Trip to Dingle Dingle Field Course Saturday, 14th May to Sunday, 15th May 2022. 98.00
GL 3013GL3013 to Hook Head 21/22 15th to 18th October 2021. 100.00
GL 3033Rite in the Rain notebook Rite in the Rain notebook 20.00
GL 4023GL4023 Greece fieldtrip Balance Balance for Greece Fieldtrip 16th to 23rd March 2022. 175.00
GL 4023GL4023 Greece fieldtrip deposit Deposit for Greece fieldtrip 16th to 23rd March 2022 150.00
GL 6002MSc Exploration Field Geosciences Locations: Donegal, Beara, Kilkee, Wales fieldtrips PDF of Heath and Safety Form available here. 2000.00
GL 6002MSc Exploration Field Geosciences First Instalment Locations: Donegal, Beara, Kilkee, Wales fieldtrips PDF of Heath and Safety Form available here. 1000.00
GL 6002MSc Exploration Field Geosciences Second Instalment 1000.00
GL 30300GL3030 Dingle Fieldtrip 20/21 **no notebook** GL3030 Dingle Fieldtrip 20/21 – no notebook This fee is for the GL3030 Dingle Fieldtrip 20/21 October 2nd and 4th 2020 This includes only transport costs @105€ Totalling €105 If you have any queries please contact ma 105.00
GS 2002GS2002 Field Trip to Myrtleville AY21/22 GS2002 Field Trip to Myrtleville on Monday, 21st March 2022. 7.00
M Res 2021 Bench Fee MRes 3000.00
MRes 2022 MRes Plant Science Bench Fee 3000.00
MScAGS 2022 MScAGS Bench Fee 2nd payment 300.00
MScAGS 12022 MScAGS1 Bench Fee 500.00
MScMBY 2022 MScMBY MScMBY Bench Fee 2000.00
PS 200321/22 PS2003 - Blarney Gardens Field Trip Field Trip to Blarney Gardens. Group One: 05th April 2022. Group Two: 06th April 2022. 7.00
PS 3020PS3020 Plant Biology Field Course 2022 Plant Biology Field course - Ireland from Monday 4th April to Thursday 7th April 2022 (non-residential) 270.00
TZ MBY2022 2000.00
ZY 2007ZY2007 Practical Invertebrate Skills Field Trip AY21/22 ZY2007 Fieldtrip to Garretstown - Tuesday, 2nd November 2021 8.00
ZY 402022/23 ZY4020 Millport Deposit Deposit for ZY4020 fieldtrip to Millport September 2022 200.00
ZY 4020ZY4020 Balance for fieldcourse to Millport 21/22 BALANCE for fieldtrip to Millport 14th to 20th March 2022 400.00