Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
  Test Fee 1.00
  20Learn to sing Chous Contact Director 0.00
  42Basic Elements of Art through Painting Monday painting 7.30-9.25pm , runs for 10 weeks €130 130.00
  43Bridge Absolute Beginners Monday Beg 7.30pm-9.25pm 10 week course €110 110.00
  46Flower Arranging Intermediate Monday 7.30-9.25 - 10 weeks "Practical instructions in fresh flower arranging, Lovely for the home" 120.00
  47Woodwork for beginners Tues 10 Week Course €120 7.30-9.25pm, Learn the skills required and make your own piece of furniture.(STUDENTS TO SUPPLY OWN MATERIAL) 140.00
  51Woodturning MON Mon 7.30-9.25pm - for 10 weeks ,Classes of 8.Learn the skills of turning and make your own pieces.One Lathe per 155.00
  52Appliance Maintenance & Repair Tuesday 7.00pm-8.55pm 10 week course €110 110.00
  56Learn To sing in a Córus Choir Ongoing 7.30pm-8.30pm Ongoing Begins September Contact Director 120.00
  60Yoga for Beginners Tuesday 7.00pm-8.00pm 10 Weeks Learn and enjoy the benefits of yoga with 100.00
  61 Acoustic Guitar Beginners Learn to play Acoustic Guitar Wednesday Beg 8.30pm-9.30pm 10 weeks €100 100.00
  64Photography Photography 10 week course Wednesday 7.30pm 9.30pm €140 140.00
  65Upholstery Beg/Adv Upholstery Beginners & Intermediate Wednesday 7.30pm-9.25pm Duration: 10 weeks Fee: €130 130.00
  68Tai -Chi Thursday- 7.30pm-9.00pm - An integrated exercise system for both body and mind runs for 10 weeks, 100.00
  104Balally Players Balally Players contact Doris 087-6198986 €FREE New members welcome. Course time to be arranged. 0.00
  106Barbershop Choir Wednesday 7.30pm-9.30pm Contact FREE 0.00
  110Dublin County Choir Mon 7.30-10.00 - New members welcome phone 2853292or E-Mail noelreidmobile@ 0.00
A 43Bridge for Improvers (Mornings) On-Line Intermediate Thursdays Mornings10.30am-12.25pm €110 110.00
A 46Flower Arranging Beginners Flower Arranging Beginners Tuesday 10 week course 7.30pm-9.25pm €120 120.00
A 50Ukulele Beg Continuation Ukulele beg continuation 10 weeks 8.30pm-9.30pm €80 80.00
A 51Woodturning WED Wed 7.30-9.25pm - 10 weeks Classes of 8 Learn the basic skills of turning and make your own pieces one lathe per student 155.00
A 60Yoga Mixed level Yoga Mixed level Tuesday 8.15pm-9.15pm for 10 weeks 100.00
B 43On -Line Tuesay Bridge Improvers On _Line Tuesday Bridge Improvers 7.30 - 9.30 110.00
B 50ICA Ukulele Class 100.00
B 51Woodturning Thur Thur 7.30-9.25pm - 10 Weeks .Learn the skills of turning and make your own pieces.One Lathe per student 155.00