Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
1st Year September 2021 100.00
Administration Fee 100.00
Administration Fee - One Child 100.00
Administration Fee (3+ Children) 200.00
Administration Fee (Two Children) 150.00
Evening Study - full year 180.00
Evening Study - one half term 50.00
Transition Year 2020/21 200.00
Transition Year Deposit Payment (due by 1st June) Transition Year Deposit (due by 1st June) 200.00
Transition Year in Full 400.00
Transition Year Payment Plan Transition Year Fee Payment Plan 200.00
For debit card transactions, the maximum total administration fee per transaction will be €1.50. For credit card transactions, the total administration fee per transaction will be 1.38% of the transaction cost plus a maximum Of €1.25.