Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
1st Year September 2021 100.00
Administration Fee 100.00
Administration Fee - One Child 100.00
Administration Fee (3+ Children) 200.00
Administration Fee (Two Children) 150.00
Evening Study - full year 180.00
Evening Study - one half term 50.00
Transition Year 2021/2022 350.00
Transition Year 2021/2022 Instalment 200.00
Transition Year 2021/2022 Instalment 150.00
Transition Year in Full 400.00
Transition Year instalment payment 50.00
For debit card transactions, the maximum total administration fee per transaction will be €2.75. For credit card transactions, the total administration fee per transaction will be 1.38% of the transaction cost plus a maximum Of €2.50.