Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
Aftercare - 1 afternoon to 4pm KG to 2nd class 18.00
Aftercare - 1 afternoon to 6pm KG to 2nd class 33.00
Aftercare 1 hour 1 hour aftercare. Not for use after 4pm and not to be combined with another booking 9.00
Aftercare 1/2 hour Only for use between 12.50-1.20 (KG/1st/2nd) 1.30 - 2pm (Supervised study) and not to be combined with other bookings 5.00
Aftercare/Supervised study extension 4-6pm Aftercare/Supervised study 4-6pm. Not to be combined with any other flexible booking. Includes meal. 20.00
Carlingford trip 12th class Trip to Carlingford in September 2018 160.00
Deposit - Non refundable A non-refundable deposit to secure a school place for relevant year. 900.00
Deposit (Non-refundable) plus administration fee Deposit plus administration fee as requested 990.00
Glenroe Farm trip KG KG outing to Glenroe Farm 15.00
Hamburg trip deposit Deposit in respect of school trip to Hamburg in April 2019 150.00
Milk order - Primary & Kindergarten Fee per child for full school year - one carton per day 34.00
School Annual Fees Please indicate the amount you wish to pay. 0.00
Supervised study - 1 afternoon to 4pm Classes 3 to 6 16.00
Supervised study - 1 afternoon to 6pm Classes 3 to 6 28.00
Supervised Study/Aftercare Booking Please indicate the amount you wish to pay. 0.00
Waiting list Administration fee for your child to be put on St Kilians waiting list. 90.00
Wandertag 2nd Class Brittas bay 10.00
Wandertag 3rd Class Brittas Bay Wandertag 3rd class 10.00
Wandertag 5th class Chocolate Warehouse Wandertag outing 20.00
Wandertag outing 4th class Russborough House 4th class Wandertag 21.00