Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
M 10Woodwork Joints,dovetail+ tenon joints. Fee €100 Materials €20 120.00
M 11Reiki Activate natural healing by touch.8 weeks. 100.00
M 12How to become an Inventor See website for detail on this exciting new course. 8 weeks. 100.00
M 13Guitar for Beginners & Improvers Beginners 7 30 -8 30 pm.If sufficient numbers Improvers 8 30 - 9 30pm.Min age 16 8 weeks. 60.00
M 14Organic Gardening Grow fruit and veg organically.All levels.Fee €100 Materials €10.8 weeks. 110.00
M 15Computer Basics Aimed at those who wish to improve basic skills. Mixed ability.8 weeks. 80.00
M 16Oral Irish Oral class.Open to all. 4 -5pm.22/01/18 60.00
M A 3SNA (Instalment option) 22 weeks.Instalment payment 3 x €250 for 3 months. 750.00
M A 4Health Care Support Mod 1 +2 Instalment Three monthly instalments of €133.33 First instalment deducted today. 400.00
M0 1First Aid Practical First Aid certified by Red Cross 8 weeks. CFC-C 2 weeks €50 100.00
M0 2Digital Photography Make the most of your camera. 8 weeks. 100.00
M0 3Painting for Pleasue Develop your talent in this relaxing art class. All levels welcome.10 weeks. 120.00
M0 3Special Needs Assistant(SNA) 22 weeks.Instalment payment also available .3 x €250 for 3 months. 750.00
M0 5Patchwork/Quilting Patchwork skills needed.See website for details.6 weeks. 75.00
M0 6Pilates Wear runners .Bring mat. 8 weeks. 50.00
M0 7Creative Writing Develop your creative voice through writing.8 weeks. 100.00
M0 8Metalwork & Welding Basic engineering concepts covered,Fee €100.Materials €20. 8 weeks. 120.00
M0 9Millinery Make a hat or fascinator.fee €70 +€20 materials used in class. 90.00
M0 B 4Infection Prevention & Control 5 N3734 Health Care Support QQI Infection Prevention & Control.5N3734. 10 weeks. 200.00
M04 Health Care Support( Module 1 +2) Mod 1 Palliative Care 5 N3769 €200 Mod 2 Infection Prevention& Control€200 400.00
M0C 4Palliative Care 5 N3769 Health Care Support QQI Palliative Care see website for details.10 weeks. 200.00
MA 1Cardiac First Responder 50.00
MD0 4Palliative Care (Instalment Option) Pay four monthly instalments of €50.First instalment deducted today. 200.00
ME0 4Infection Prevention(Inst ) Pay four monthly instalments of €50.First instalment deducted today. 200.00
W 10Spanish Learn to speak this beautiful language. 8 weeks. 100.00
W 11Ukulele Learn to play this affordable,fun instrument.8 weeks. 60.00
W 12ECDL Essentials See website for detail. Instalment payment also available.10 weeks. 330.00
W 13Bootcamp Get fit and back into shape after the festive season 9 - 10 pm.8 weeks. 60.00
W 14Advanced Metalwork & Welding Continuation of the Autumn 2017 course.Ars & Mig. 8 weeks. 120.00
W 15Salsa No special equipment or partner needed.Fun Latin based dance. 8 weeks. 60.00
W A 12ECDL Essentials Instalment Option Pay in 3 monthly instalments. First instalment deducted on enrolment.Second one month later etc.€110x 3. 330.00
W0 1Web Design for Beginners Create basic website.€50 additional cost domain name. 100.00
W0 2Cake Decorating Decorate cakes for Easter and big occasions. Fee =€100 Materials=€30. 8 weeks. 130.00
W0 3Patchwork for Beginners Basic patchwork designs covered.See website.6 weeks. 75.00
W0 4Decoupage Create stunning works of art to use as decorative objects.Fee =€60 Materials = €20 90.00
W0 5English as a Second Language Improve your written and spoken English.8 weeks. 90.00
W0 6Yoga Imrove strenght,endurance and balance. 8 weeks. 70.00
W0 7Yoga for Men Improve balance etc.8 30 - 9 45 pm. 8 weeks. 70.00
W0 8Mindfulness/ Meditation Embrace inner stillness. 8 weeks. 100.00
W0 9Zumba Get fit in this fun class.8weeks. 60.00