Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
A 2Teen Yoga 45.00
A 3Pilates for the Over-55s 45.00
A 4Applied Maths (5th Year) - 1st instalment 150.00
M 2Computers for Intermediates 95.00
M 3Pen-testing & Ethical Hacking (White Hat Course) 175.00
M 7Vegan Cooking NEW: This course will interest people wishing to pursue a plant-based approach to their diet and lifestyle. You will learn how to make simple, tasty recipes and plan a healthy diet under the guidance of an industry professional 95.00
M 8Pastel Painting with Victor Richardson 110.00
M 9Realising Your Potential Starts 1st October 2018 95.00
M 12Ukelele for Beginners 75.00
M 14Childcare Award (Level 6) - Equality & Diversity in Childcare 195.00
M 16Pilates on the Mat (level 1) 80.00
M 17Pilates on the Mat (Level 2) 80.00
M 18Yoga (Beginners & Intermediates) 75.00
OC 1Midterm Study: Techniques & Revision for Exams 40.00
OC 2Funky Festive Florals 45.00
T 5Spanish (Beginners) 75.00
T 7Childcare Award (Level 5) Module to be confirmed 195.00
T 8Dressmaking (Beginners & Intermediates) 110.00
T 9Conversational Irish 70.00
T 10African Drumming 75.00
T 11Stained Glass (Tiffany Style) 135.00
T 12Couch to 5K 60.00
T 16Zumba Dance 50.00
T 19Applied Maths (6th Year) - 1st instalment 150.00
Th 1Tenis Coaching (Thursday Morning) 65.00
Th 2Morning Golf with Wayne O'Callaghan 100.00