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Item List
ST22BK 2Book Club Free
ST23A 1Yoga for the Active Retired 50.00
ST23A 2Chair Yoga 50.00
ST23A 3Pilates for the Over-55s 50.00
ST23A 4Beginners Ceramics & Pottery 135.00
ST23M 5Cooking & Baking (All-levels) Begins Monday 13th February 95.00
ST23M 7Drawing & Painting (All levels) Starts 20th February 110.00
ST23M 8Wine Appreciation Begins Monday 13th February 150.00
ST23M 9Ukelele for Beginners Begins Monday 13th February. Change to Brochure This classes will now run from 7.30pm - 9pm 75.00
ST23M 10Hillwalking & Navigation Begins 20th Feb. Course involves one weekend day on the mountains putting your skills into action. Date to be decided by tutor. 95.00
ST23M 13Couch to 5K Begins Monday 13th February 60.00
ST23M 15Pilates on the Mat (Level 1) Begins Monday 13th February 80.00
ST23M 16Pilates on the Mat (Level 2) Begins Monday 13th February 80.00
ST23M 17Yoga (Beginners & Intermediates) Begins Monday 13th February 75.00
ST23OC 1Manual Handling 80.00
ST23OC 2Easter Study To book per day or for 1 week, please contact office 021-4373767 90.00
ST23T 3Tracing Family History 65.00
ST23T 7Dressmaking (Beginners & Intermediates) 110.00
ST23T 8Still-life Oil Painting (all levels) 80.00
ST23T 11Guitar for Beginners 60.00
ST23T 14Eldercise (for Senior Citizens & Retired) 60.00
ST23T 15Ciorcal Comhrá 75.00
ST23T 16Zumba Dance 85.00