Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
  3-4 pm: Supervised Study 3-4pm:Study Monday to Friday 3-4pm: Full acedemic year 250.00
  4-5pm: After study supervision 4-5pm: After Study Supervision, Mon- Thursday's only. 0.00
  6th year Go Quest Trip 20.00
  Aftercare Deposit 2018/2019 Aftercare deposit 2018/19 250.00
  Carlingford: 2nd Years Carlingford: 2nd Years 145.00
  Deposit Montessori Junior School Montessori Junior School Deposit 750.00
  Enter the balance of your statement Enter the balance on your statement 0.00
  Enter your payment amount Enter your payment amount 0.00
  Hockey 1st Class 1st class Hockey 150.00
  Hockey 2nd Class 2nd Class Hockey 150.00
  Hockey 3rd Class 3rd Class Hockey 150.00
  Hockey 5th Class 5th Class Hockey 150.00
  Killary: 4th year outdoor pursuits Killary: 4th yr outdoor pursuits: March 2018 280.00
  Montessori Junior School Deposit (3 Instalments) Montessori Junior School Deposit payable over three instalments 750.00
  Montessori Junior School Registration fee 120.00
  Secondary School Deposit Secondary School Deposit 650.00
ES 13rd Yr Evening Study 3rd Year Study: 110.00
ES 2Evening Study Evening Study 5th & 6th Yrs: attendance: 5 days: 130.00
ES 3Evening Study: 5th/6th Yrs: Monday Only Evening Study: Monday: 5th & 6th Yrs: 30.00
ES 4Evening Study: 5th/6th Yrs: Tuesday Only Evening Study:Tuesday:5th & 6th Yrs: 30.00
ES 5Evening Study:5th & 6th Yrs: Wednesday only Evening Study:5th & 6th Yrs: Wednesday Only: 30.00
ES 6Evening Study: 5th & 6th Yrs: Thursday only Evening Study:5th & 6th Yrs: Thursday Only: 30.00
ES 7Evening Study: 5th & 6th Yrs: Friday only Evening Study: 5th & 6th Yrs: Friday only: 30.00
An administration fee per transaction of €2.50 applies.