Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
  1st Year 2023 2024 Paula O'Connor talk. Paula O'Connor speaks to 1st years on internet safety. 5.00
  1st Year Bookloan Fee 23-24 1st Year Bookloan Fee 23-24 56.00
  2nd Year Bookloan Fee 23/24 2nd Year Bookloan Fee 23-24 40.00
  2nd Year Study Skills and Antibullying Study Skills and Anti Bullying Talks: (2nd Year Only) 12.50
  3rd Year Book loan Fee 23-24 3rd Year Bookloan fee 23-24 35.00
  6th Year Biology Trip to Zoo This trip for Biology students is on the 20th November 2023. 30.00
  6th Year Photograph 2023 2024 A payment for the class photo and the year photo. 10.00
  Art Hardback Sketchbook A4 A folder hardback notebook A4 for senior cycle students. 8.50
  Art Packs 2023 2024 Art materials for 1st year art students. This is to be paid by the 15th of September. 32.50
  Dréimire 2023 2024 20.00
  German Exchange Flights 225.00
  Higher Options 6th years 2023 2024 The trip is on Thursday the 21st September in the RDS. 22.00
  Incoming 1st Year School Bill 2023-2024 1st Year Bill 2023-2024 120.00
  LC HE Trip to Butlers 2023 A trip for 6th years HE students to Butlers chocolate factory. 29.50
  LCA Trip to Zoo LCA Trip to the Zoo on Thursday 5th October 15.00
  Mondello 2023 2024 TY Mondello and bus to Mondello. 45 places available. To be paid before Friday 22nd September. 92.00
  School Bill 2023 2024 Please CLICK HERE to see the attached file. By completing the payment you and your daughter are accepting the school Code of Behaviour and the AUP . Please contact the school if you want an exception on photographic consent. 120.00
  Seamus Heaney Trip 6th year English trip to the Seamus Heaney centre in Derry Oct 26th. 27.00
  Staighre 2023 2024 20.00
  TY 2023 2024 Balance Payment Final payment for TY for the academic year 2023 2024 to be paid by the 14th of August 2023. 257.00
  TY Carlingford Balance 23/24 Balance of the total payment for the overnight trip to Carlingford. 60.00
  TY Lion King Musical 2023 2024 Trip to Lion King and Bus and payment due before Friday 29th of September. 45.00
  Violin Deposit 2023 2024 A deposit for violin lessons for the academic year. 21.00
  W5 Belfast 2023 2024 A science trip to Belfast on Thursday 19th October 2023. 26.00