Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
  Music Course LC Trinity 2 day course in November and January. 50.00
  1st Year Art Packs 2022 A payment for the art packs for 1st years 2022. 30.00
  1st Year Bookloan Fee 22-23 1st Year Bookloan Fee 22-23 56.00
  1st Year History Trip 2023 1st year trip to Meath on Wed 22nd and Thurs 23rd. 20.00
  2nd Year Bookloan Fee 2nd Year Bookloan Fee 22-23 40.00
  3rd Year Book loan Fee 22-23 3rd Year Bookloan fee 22-23 35.00
  3rd Year Graphics Exam Papers 2023 9.00
  5th and 6th Year Music NCH Trip This trip is on the 28th February. 20.00
  5th Year Art Trip National Gallery Portrait Exhibition. Tuesday 24th of January 2023. 12.00
  German Exchange First Leg Balance Due by the 25th April. 95.00
  Graduation 2023 (No Ticket) Cost of end of year photo for students not attending the grad. 5.50
  Graduation Tickets 2023 (1Ticket) A payment for one ticket for the graduation. 107.00
  Graduation Tickets 2023 (2 Tickets) 203.00
  Incoming 1st Year School Bill 2023-2024 1st Year Bill 2023-2024 120.00
  LCA to Student Congress LCA to Student Congress. LCA 1 & LCA 2 17.00
  Paris Trip Deposit Non Refundable Deposit for Trip to Paris March 2023. 152.00
  Paris Trip March 2023 (Final) Instalment 3 Paris Trip 203.00
  Paris Trip March Instalment 2 Paris Trip 203.00
  School Bill 2023 2024 Please CLICK HERE to see the attached file. By completing the payment you and your daughter are accepting the school Code of Behaviour and the AUP . Please contact the school if you want an exception on photographic consent. 120.00
  School PE Uniform PE Uniform 80.00
  Senior History Trip to Munich Payment 3 Payment due by 16th December 2022. 225.00
  TY Acceptance Fee 23-24 Acceptance Fee for TY place in 23-24. 153.00
  TY Trip to Gaeltacht Payment 2 This payment is due by the the 10th Feb 2023. 100.00
  TY Trip to Gaeltacht Payment 3 This payment is due by the 24th of March 2023. 110.00