Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
1st Years English Novel Fee English Novel for 1st year group 9.80
1st Years Mary Glasgow Subscription Subscription to Mary Glasgow Language Learning Materials 14.00
Athletics Day Out 05.05.2022 Athletics Day Out 05.05.2022 in Dangan NUIG. 11am - 2pm 15.00
Business studies workbook 5.95
Business Workbook Fee Business workbook to supplement student studies. 6.00
Extra / Replacement T Square 10.00
Go Karting/Pure Skill Day Out Fee Please pay this trip in advance and ensure students have packed lunch for the event. 1st & 2nd Year Girls Event at Go Karting. 1st & 2nd Year Boys Event at Pure Skill. 16th March 2022 15.00
Santry Athletics Event 10.00
School Materials and Administration Fee 2021 Please pay in full by 30th September 2021. Cost covers school journal, standardised testing & classroom resources, limited number of local school bus trips for school. 125.00
School Tour 2022 40.00
TG Box Technical Graphics Box 30.00
TY Standard Fee 2022-23 TY Standard Fee for the year 2022-23 350.00
TY Standard Fee 2022-23 350.00
An administration fee per transaction of €0.35 applies.