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1st Year Jumpzone Trip (19/05/22) 23.00
2nd Year Trip (23/05/22) 20.00
3rd Year Zip-it Trip (05/05/22) 30.00
5th Year Special Ops Trip (24/05/22) 40.00
5th Year Special Ops Trip with Pizza 45.00
After School Study (Spring -Summer Term 2021-2022) 150.00
DLSC Reusable Water Bottle This bottle was designed by the hard work of students from the TY Sustainability Module and the Green Schools Committee and comes in FOUR bold colours - [Orange/ Green/ Turquoise & Black] 13.00
End of Year Rugby Trip (Wed 11 May 2022) 15.00
TY Mondello Park Trip (18/05/22) 65.00