Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
MA 1Individual Membership voucher for Single membership for one year. 60.00
MA 2Individual Membership - Country voucher for Single membership-country for one year. 54.00
MA 3Individual Membership - recurring annual payment Thank you for your purchase of Individual membership for one year - recurring annual payment. 55.00
MA 4Individual Membership Country - annual recurring payment voucher Individual membership country for one year - recurring payment. 50.00
MB 1Joint Membership voucher Joint membership (2 adults) for one year. 100.00
MB 2Joint Membership - Country Voucher Joint membership country (2 adults) for one year. 90.00
MB 3Joint Membership - recurring payment annual voucher Joint membership (2 adults) for one year - recurring payment. 90.00
MB 4Joint Membership Country - recurring payment annual Voucher Joint membership-country(2 adults) for one year - recurring payment. 80.00
MC 1Life Membership -Individual Voucher for Life Membership - single. 980.00
MC 2Life Membership - Joint (2 adults) Voucher Life Membership - Joint (2 adults). 1500.00
MC 3Membership Five year - Individual Voucher 5 year Membership - single. 250.00
MC 4Membership Five Year - Joint (2 adults) Voucher 5 year Membership - Joint (2 adults). 450.00