Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
3rd Year Exam Papers 3rd Year subsidised exam papers 15.00
5th Novel only 5th Year Novel, Never Let Me Go. Ms Walsh's Class 10.00
5th Yr Othello & Novel 5th Year Othello & Novel Discounted Cost 20.00
6th Year Exam Papers 6th Year subsidised exam papers 12.00
Family Expenses Student Family Expenses 2020/2021 140.00
Mock Exams 2021 Mock Exams Single Payment 100.00
Mock Exams 2021 Inst Opt1 Mock Exams Inst Opt1 €50 x2 100.00
Mock Exams 2021 Inst Opt2 Mock Exams Inst Opt2 €25 x4 100.00