Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
ART 1Art 1st & 5th year 2021/22 Art 1st & 5th 20.00
ART 2Art 2nd, 3rd & 6th year 2021/22 Art 2nd, 3rd & 6th year 10.00
ENG 1English 1st year 2021/22 English 1st year 10.00
ENG 2English 5th year 2021/22 English 5th year 30.00
ENGRN 1Engineering Projects - Leaving Cert Engineering Projects- LC Mr O'Maolain 40.00
ENGRN 2Engineering Projects - Junior Cert Engineering Projects - JC Mr O'Maolain 30.00
LCPHOTO 1LC Grad Photo LC graduation photo 2022 15.00
PRE 121/22 Pre/Mocks Fee Pre/Mock Fees Junior Cert and Leaving Cert 120.00
STU 4Evening Study Evening study- Term 4 to summer 70.00
STU 5Evening Study Evening study- Term 4 to summer 140.00
TECH 1Technology Projects- Leaving Cert Technology Projects- L.C. Mr. Cummins & Mr. McCarthy 40.00
TECH 2Technology Projects- Junior Cert Technology Projects- J.C. Mr. McCarthy 20.00
TY 3Transition Year Balance 2021/22 Transition Year Balance 250.00
TY 4Transition Year Deposit 2022/23 Transition Year Deposit 300.00
VC 1Voluntary Contribution 2021/22 Voluntary Contribution 100.00
An administration fee per transaction of 2.00% of the transaction cost applies.