Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
1st Year Bonding Trip First year Bonding Trips. 1a 1B 1C go on Wednesday 26th Sept. 1D 1E 1F go on Thursday 27th Sept. 30.00
1st Year Cognitive Ability Testing NGRT & CAT4 cognitive abilities test. 20.00
1st Year Music Ukulele Ukulele and Bag for €35.00 35.00
1st Year Retreat First year Retreat to Esker Oct/Nov 2018 20.00
6th yr Irish GAFA books 6th yr Gaeilge 'GAFA' books 8.00
Art Pack Art Supplies 43.00
ASD Class Swimming ASD Class Swimming 56.00
ASD Class Yoga ASD Class Yoga 56.00
Dréimire LC Irish LC Dréimire magazine 10.00
Film Fleadh 5th year trip to Junior Film Fleadh 10.00
French Play French Play Onnatti 8.50
Geography In Action Activity Book New geography In Action Activity + Portfolio Book. 10.00
Headstart Home Work Club Headstart Home Work Club for 1st year students. Block 2 – 05/11/18 – 21/12/18 (7 weeks) 70.00
Music Trip London Music Trip London 2nd and 5th years 7th to 9th February 2019. Total cost is €450. Deposit of €150 required by 10th October to secure place. 0.00
Music Trip NCH Music Trip National Concert Hall 22nd January 2019. 25.00
Musical Presentation College Presentation College Headford School Musical 22/11/18 20.00
NUIG Maths Day NUIG Maths Day 21st November 2018 5.00
School Journal All students require a School Journal 5.00
Senior Cycle Enrolment Levy Total due €100 for two years for your 5th and LCA year enrolment levy 100.00
Sketch Pad Sketch Pad 2nd & 5th year 2.50
Ski Trip 2019 Ski Trip for 2nd years February 2019. Payment due by Friday 13th April 2018. 150.00
Staff Room Services Total amount due is €40 for Full Time Staff €20 for Part Time staff 0.00
Staighre JC Irish JC Staighre magazine 10.00
Study After School Study Term 1 4.20 to 6.20 Monday to Thursday 4 to 6 Friday 95.00
TYP INSTALMENTS Transition Year Instalment Payment 0.00