Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
3P Maths & Science Exam Papers 8.80
4th Year Admin 2020/21 300.00
6th Year Novel 'Room' 8.00
Admin 2020/21 100.00
Art 2020/21 30.00
French Exam Papers L. C. 3.50
Gaisce Bronze Medal signup fee TY only 15.00
Gaisce Silver 20.00
Irish Papers Junior Certificate 3rd Year 2020 5.00
Junior Cert French Papers 3rd Year 5.00
Junior Cycle Music Papers - Form 3 Music 9.00
Leaving Certificate Music Exam Papers 10.00
Locker & Journal 2020/21 25.00
New 4th Year Admin 2020 300.00
Silver Medal Gaisce 20.00
Supervised Evening Study Trial Jan 2021 125.00
Voluntary Contribution 2019/20 - Pay in Full Please enter the full amount you wish to contribute when prompted. 0.00
Voluntary Contribution 2019/20 - Pay in Instalments Please enter the instalment amount you wish to pay monthly when prompted. First instalment will be taken the next day after you sign up for this plan and following instalments will be deducted the same day each month. 0.00