Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
  After School Study - half a term 2018/2019 After school study for a half term from March 5th - Easter 50.00
  Agriculture Science 2018/2019 AG Science 5th Yr Trip Fri 22nd March 5.00
  Biology Field Trip 2018/2019 Biology Field trip to Dublin Zoo 28.00
  Book Rental 2018/2019 BOOK RENTAL is €10 PER BOOK. Please enter the amount to be paid based on the number of books you will be renting. 0.00
  French Exchange Total cost €250 - deposit €100 and instalments of €100 & €50 if that is convenient. 0.00
  Gaeltacht Overnight trip to Gaeltacht 120.00
  Insurance, Locker and Journal2018/2019 The fee is for Pupil Insurance, Locker and Journal 33.00
  Insurance, Sports Fee, Locker & Journal18/19 The fee is for Pupil Insurance, Sports Fee, Locker and Journal - €55 for 1 student, €100 for 2, 135 for €3. Select child's/children's names and enter the amount to pay when prompted. 0.00
  Junior Cert Mock Fee2019 Junior Cert Mock Exam Fees 100.00
  Leaving Cert Mock Fee 2019 Leaving Cert Mock Exam Fees €100 - please enter the amount you wish to pay 0.00
  Locker and Journal 2018/2019 The fee is for Locker and Journal 20.00
  NUIG trip NUIG trip for senior group - pay by 8/3/19 15.00
  Pupil Insurance 2018/2019 The fee is for Insurance 24 hour 13.00
  Religion Trip 5th Yr Religion Trip 10.00
  SPHE Workbook 2nd Yr SPHE WorKBook 12.95
  Technical Graphics T G Equipment includes wodden box with full set T SQ and bag for storage 28.70
  Transition Year 2018/2019 Transition Year Registration 2018 €300 for full year 0.00
  Transition Year 2019/2020 Transition Year Registration 2019 €300 for full year- (incl deposit €50) 0.00