Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
AP 2Art Packs Art Pack - 1st years only 25.00
BB 1School Biodegradable Water Bottle Biodegradable Water Bottle. €1 from each sale to Irish Cancer Society Breast Cancer research. Please keep receipt as proof of purchase. 5.00
BK 1Trust Your Instincts Book - 1st years Trust Your Instincts Book - 1st years 9.00
LO 2LOCKER 2019-2020 LOCKER 2019-2020 Please pay by the 16th of August 2019 15.00
MU 1Music Fees 2018/2019 Full Payment Music Fees 2018/2019 650.00
MU 2Music Fees 2018/19 Half Music Fee 2018/19 325.00
MU 3Music Fees 2019/2020 - Full Fees for year Music Fees 2019/2020 - Full Fees 650.00
MU 4Music Fees 2019/2020 - Half Fees for year Music Fees 2019/2020 - Half Fees for year 325.00
S 1After School Study After School Study. Term 1 only. Sept - Dec. Limited to 100 places. 200.00
TR 106th year Geography Field Trip 20th September 6th year Geography Field Trip. 20th September to Portrane Beach. 15.00
TY 2TY Fee 2019-2020 TY FEE 2019/2020 - Please pay by the 1st of September 2019. 650.00
TY 10Barista Training Dublin Barista School Training for TY. 125.00
WS 1Creative Writing Workshop - 4E Fighting Words. Creative Writing Workshop -Class 4E - 23 Sept. 10.00