Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
  Contribution 2017 Contribution 2017-2018. Instalment plan will be 3 x €50. Commencement date 13 March, followed by 13 April and 13 May 150.00
  Contribution 2017 Balance Contribution balance 2017-2018. 30.00
  Contribution Family 2017 Contribution 2017-2018. Installment plan will be 3 x 60 commencing 13 March 2017 followed by 2 further payments on the same date the following 2 months 180.00
  DCU Trip - 5th years 5th year trip to DCU 10.00
  Easter Supervised Study Easter study for 3rd and 6th years. 40.00
  3Mock Exams 3rd years Payment for mock fees 120.00
  5Study Skills 3rd years Study skills 3rd years 10.00
  6Mock Exams 6th years Payment for mock exams 120.00
  6Study Skills 6th years Study skills 6th years 20.00
  53Scotland Trip 2017 Scotland Trip. 8th and 9th April. Cost €240. Deposit €80 by 16 January 2017 0.00
For debit card transactions, the maximum total processing fee per transaction will be €1.25. For credit card transactions, the total processing fee per transaction will be a maximum Of €1.25.