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  101 Art Improvers Tuesday : Art Improvers: Drawing,design, watercolour and oils. (Class materials extra)PLEASE NOTE: THIS CLASS WILL START ON 3rd OCTOBER (the course will still run over 20 hours) 110.00
  303-Cake Icing/Sugar Art - Beginners Tuesday 7.30 -9.30p.m. (Course materials extra) 110.00
  404 Candlelight Yoga/Somatic Fusion 105.00
  505 - D.I.Y. Plumbing Learn how to carry out plumbing repairs and installation in your home. Emphasis will be on practical hands-on plumbing. No tools or materials required NB 10 week course. 110.00
  606 Fun & Relaxation with Angels An evening of bliss and relaxation - learning about Angels by guided meditation and angel cards, aura soma, colour therapy,crystals & bach flower essences. 110.00
  707 First Aid - Irish Red Cross - 8 week course Tuesday : Irish Red Cross Certificate (Basic First Aid) Manual included. N.B. 8 week course. 100.00
  808 - Guitar Beginners Change to Thursday evening. The course will cover a number of basic chords, rudiments and songs, tuning the guitar and changing strings. N.B 7.15-8.15 p.m. 90.00
  909 - Hairdressing Tuesday : The course is a basic introduction into the world of hairdressing for beginners. N.B 10 week course. 105.00
  1010-Introduction to Literature Come explore the world of fiction at a leisurely pace and learn all about the 'big books' on the way. 105.00
  1111- Irish Conversation and Song Tuesday : Gaeilge/Comhrá agus amhránaiocht. N.B 8.00 - 9.15pm. (1hour 15 min class) 80.00
  1212 Journalism (Cert) - Irish Academy of Public Relations. Covers various modules in Journalism. How the media works, Ethics and Issues. Language use, News, Reporting, Compiling and Editing Newsletters. Feature articles and interviewing skills. Included IAPR reg. Tuition and exam fee. Repeat /missed exam extra. 200.00
  1313 - Life Coaching Make 2018 the year you learn how to make lasting changes in your life so you can follow your dream, fulfil your potential and become happier 105.00
  1414 - Pet and Animal Care Basics. Learn how to look after your animals correctly. Includes animal behaviour, training, handling, enrichment and housing. Theory course which you can practice at home with your pets 105.00
  1616- Reflexology. Reflexology is a powerful, stimulating or relaxing therapy. Learn basics of massage therapy & techniques. A starting point for those who are looking to change careers and who wish to know what being a therapist means before committing to a Diploma course 110.00
  1818 -TAI-CHI (Beginners/Improvers) Improve posture, balance & co-operation through smooth conscious movements. Develop breath awareness, concentration & relaxation, enabling you to deal with everyday stresses calmly & effectively (Suitable for all ages and fitness levels) 7.30-8.30 92.00
  1919 - Yoga during pregnancy Tuesday 6.30 - 7.30pm. (over 16 weeks pregnant)Please bring 2 pillows, blanket and mat. 80.00
  2020 Art History Higher Level N.B. 5.00-7.00pm 110.00
  2121 Biology Higher Level N.B. 5.00-7.00pm 110.00
  2222 Chemisty Higher Level N.B. 5.00-7.00pm 110.00
  2323 French Higher Level N.B. 6.00-8.00pm 110.00
  2424 Geography Higher Level N.B. 5.00-7.00pm 110.00
  2525 Maths Ordinary Level N.B. 6.00-8.00pm 110.00
  2626 Crocheting Have you always wished to know how to crochet? Well here's your chance! Come along and enjoy. Beginners welcome. Class materials extra.. N.B. 5 Week course. 55.00
  2727 Free Basic Computers Course funded by The Digital Skills for Citizens Grant Scheme. The course will cover online transactions, email, online shopping, social media and web exploration. Free
  2828 Map Reading, Navigation & GPS for the outdoors. Get the essential skills needed to stay safe on the hills and mountains of Ireland. N.B. 5 week course. 55.00
  2929 Social Media Discover how to use social media for business success. Practice how to create content and post effectively. N.B. 5 week course 55.00
  3030 Art Beginners Thursday : Art Beginners: Drawing,design, watercolour and oils. (Class materials extra) 110.00
  3131 - Cake Icing/Sugar Art - Improvers Thursday - Improvers 8.00 - 9.30p.m. (course materials extra) 84.00
  3232 -Card Making and Paper Crafting Thursday - A fun course full of creative techniques including rubber stamping, die cutting and heat embossing. Class materials extra. 110.00
  3333 - Creative Writing Designed for writers at beginners or intermediate level, this course is an ideal way to explore your creativity and unlock the writer within. All types of budding writers - poets, storytellers, playwrights, bloggers, journalists, novelists - are welcome. 105.00
  3434-Digital SLR Photography - Beginners Thursday : Hands on approach with practical use of equipment features. Please bring your camera. 120.00
  3535 - Event Management Diploma Are you a good organiser? Do you enjoy planning? Do you pay attention to the little details that make all the difference? If so, you should consider the Dip. in Event Mgm. 10 week & 1 Sat.: Includes Tuition, IAP reg. exam fee. - repeat/ missed exam extra. 220.00
  3636- Flower Arranging Flower arranging with emphasis on modern design. Course materials extra. 110.00
  3737 Microsoft Office Suite for Beginners Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Publisher 110.00
  3838 -Mindfullness Explore various mindfulness/mediation techniques, with Chi-Gung breath & movement exercises. Learn to relax & be present 'in the moment', connecting to the stillness deep within. Develop clarity & focus,enabling you to deal with daily stresses effectively 105.00
  4040 - Public Relations and Publicity Skills 9 modules - Public Relations, Writing press releases, Photography, Newsletters and Magazines, Sponsorship, Exhibitions/Conferences, Organising Functions and PR. Fee includes Tuition, IAPR Reg. and exam fee. Repeat or missed exams extra. 200.00
  4141- Psychology - (NUI Cert) Thurs: 6.45- 9.45p.m. Also some Sats. over one year (100 hours total) Exploring psychology and its relevance to the individual, community and society.. You may wish to visit www. - for more details. 1250.00
  4242 - Return to Learning Designed to help people prepare for university study. Work through academic subjects- planning etc Students who gain 60% in their final grade will automatically be offered a place on Maynooth University's Arts Degree. 6.45-9.45pm & some Sats over one year 1000.00
  4343 - Restorative Practice as a way of Life This engaging and interactive programme provides you with an overview of what restorative practice is, it's approach to harm, injury and difficult relationships. It provides skill building opportunities to engage with people in a different way. 105.00
  4545- Spanish for Holidays - Beginners Thursday : Conversation class 105.00
  4646- Trace your family tree. Thursday : Introduction to tracing your family tree. Course will cover Births, Deaths, Marriages, Census Returns, Wills and Parish Records etc. 105.00
  4747 - Upcycle Furniture Do you have some old furniture that you would like to jazz up? Learn the art of furniture upcycle and create unique and personalised art. Cost will never be an issue again 110.00
  4848 - Yoga - Improvers Thursday (Please being mat/towel) 105.00
  4949 Business Higher Level N.B. 6.00-8.00pm 110.00
  5050 - Irish Leaving Cert Oral for Higher & Ordinary Level N. B. 7.30-9.30pm 110.00
  5151 - Physics Higher Level N.B. 5.00 - 7.00pm 110.00
  5252 Religion Higher Level N.B. 6.00-8.00pm 110.00
  5353 - Basket Weaving (Using newspapers) Learn traditional basket weaving methods using newspapers in a fun & relaxed environment. N.B. Course materials extra. 5 week course. 55.00
  5454- Excel - Beginners Suitable for those who wish to learn how to use spread-sheets. Learn how to input data, apply basic formula, alter the presentation and layout of a spread-sheet and print date tables. N.B. 5 week course. 55.00
  5555 - Film Writing Learn how to write the next blockbuster! This course will cover all the main aspects of writing a movie script and tell you how to get it to the right people in the industry. N.B. 5 week course. 55.00
  5656 - Gardening Come along and get great gardening tips for autumn gardening and spring planning from Linda Adams, past pupil of The Botanic Gardens. NB 5 week course. 55.00
15 B 15 B Pilates - Improvers Tuesday 8.30 - 9.30pm Please bring mat/towel 92.00
15A 15 - A Pilates - Beginners Tuesday 7.20 - 8.20pm Please bring mat/towel 92.00
2A 202-A Bodhran - Beginners Tuesday 6.45-8.15 With 2008 All Ireland Bodhran Champion Robbie Walsh. 90.00
2B 202-B-Bodhran - Improvers Tuesday 8.15-9.45 With 2008 All Ireland Bodhran Champion Robbie Walsh. 90.00
39 A 39 -A- Pilates - Improvers Thursday : N.B 7.20 -8.20pm - Improvers - please bring mat/towel. 92.00
39B 39-B- Pilates - Beginners Thursday : N.B 8.30 -9.30pm - Beginners - please bring mat/towel. 92.00