Accected Payment Cards
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Item List
1718 1001FULL Member (Senior club) FULL Member (Senior Club) 350.00
1718 1002STUDENT Member (Senior Club) STUDENT member (Senior Club) 250.00
1718 2001Junior Club Member - 1st Child JUNIOR Club Member 210.00
1718 2002Junior Club Member - 2nd Child Membership Junior Club - 2nd Child 140.00
1718 2003Junior Club Member - 3rd Child Membership Junior Club - 3rd Child 110.00
1718 2004Junior Club Member - 4th Child Membership Junior Club - 4th Child 25.00
1718 2005Junior Club Member - 5th Child Membership Junior Club - 5th child 25.00
1718 4001Community / Pavilion Member Community / Pavilion Member 50.00
1718 5001Club Development Fund Donation Voluntary Donation from friends and supporters 0.00
1718 5002Personal Accident Insurance Personal Accident Insurance for non-members participating in camps 15.00
For debit card transactions, the maximum total processing fee per transaction will be €1.85. For credit card transactions, the total processing fee per transaction will be 1.6% of the transaction cost plus a maximum Of €1.50.